“Our daughter will build confidence, strength, strategy and skill that help her find a hero in herself and be encouraged to become a future leader."

— Surabhi's mother, 2020 & 2021 FABcamp student

“How well they presented their projects and the depth in which they went to explain their creative process not only in representing the brands, but also the personal meaning and message the students were putting across”

— Mike Le Gallic, Chip Ganassi Racing

"Loxley is amazing to be doing all this for these young women and I am so honored to be a small part of helping share and expand their ideas about what possibilities await them in life..."

- Tegan Hammond

"FABcamp gives her exposure to technology, particularly automobiles which is used in our daily lives

— Tanisi's mother, FABcamp 2020 + 2021

"Getting to learn about the real world is helping me build my future in it! "

— Tanisi, Student Advisory Board

"Haley loves to tackle new challenges and immerses herself in technical projects. Athena Racing offers unique opportunities to expand Haley’s mechanical engineering experience. I think she will be a valuable asset to the team."

— Haley's mother, 2020 FABcamp Parent

“I have been able to grow as a confident speaker and meet many amazing leaders!”

— Akshaya, Student Advisory Board President 2022-23

"I have become more confident and better prepared for the future!"

— Mihika, Student Advisory Board

“I feel confident and supported by such an amazing group of strong individuals within Athena Racing!”

— Heleina, Student Advisory Board President 2021-22

“FABcamp allows her to learn more about the STEM field and more career paths as she heads toward college, but it keeps her busy and interested daily!”

— Megan's mother, 2020 FABcamp Parent


Develop Your Skills In Mechanical Engineering





Rida is a mechanical engineer with a strong background in the automotive and racing industry. She earned her mechanical engineering degree at San Diego State University and also has formal training in automotive technology with the relevant ASE certifications. While at SDSU, she joined the Formula SAE team as their Engine Team lead and became President a year later. For her senior design project, Rida and her team designed and manufactured an eddy current dynamometer for the Formula SAE team, which introduced her to engine testing and electromagnetism. 

After graduating, she joined Achates Power as a Mechanical Design Engineer working on the design and analysis of pistons and large castings for opposed-piston 2 stroke engines. Rida’s life-long passion for automotive and motorsports drew her to MagCanica, where she brings extensive design and analysis experience as a Design and Development Engineer.

She also teaches Automotive Technology at MiraCosta College, aiming to inspire the next generation of automotive technicians and automotive engineers to pursue careers in those fields.

In her spare time, Rida enjoys honing her skills as a private pilot.